You’re invited to explore
the world of ReCathCo.

ReCathCo is an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacturing of mouse catheters and rat catheters for laboratory research and veterinary catheters for regional anesthesia and pain management. Researchers and veterinarians worldwide have come to depend on ReCathCo. They’ve come to expect the highest standards of product quality and innovation from ReCathCo.

What’s New?

ReCathCo has expanded and moved to 2855 Oxford Blvd, Allison Park, PA 15101.
We would like to welcome back Dave Graner as Sales Manager to our ReCathCo Team.

The most recent addition to the ReCathCo family:

ReCathCo Capabilities:

  • Design a Catheter
  • EtO Exposure/Packaging
  • Printing/Marking
  • Infusion Holes
  • Rounded Tips
  • Heat Bonding

ReCathCo Advantages:

  • High Volume Catheter Manufacturing
  • Microbore Tubing (e.g. 32G) for neuroscience research
  • Manufacturing/Assembly in a Clean Room Environment
  • Catheters for research and veterinary critical care