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Manufacturer of Precision Engineered Rat, Mouse, and Small Animal Research Catheters. Contract Manufacturing for Medical Device Catheters.


ReCathCo precision-engineered Readi-Cath catheters are designed specifically for the global small animal research community.

Our catheters have been recognized in numerous scholarly journals. Our customers include university laboratories, contract research organizations and pharmaceutical companies.


As a top-level catheter supply source, we offer our full line of precision catheter tubing, components and design services. Our capabilities include Design-a-Cath collaborative design and prototyping, Cath-Fab manufacturing, contract assembly, packaging and sterilization.


We invite qualified representatives in related fields to consider joining ReCathCo's family of value-chain partners. Our team currently includes industry leaders such as Instech, Thermo Fisher Scientific, World Precision Instruments, Harvard Apparatus, Braintree Scientific and PrimeTech.

{ the Research Catheter Company }

For more than twenty years, ReCathCo has collaborated, designed, customized and manufactured animal research and medical-use catheters for commercial research organizations, university research laboratories, original equipment manufacturers and research equipment distributors around the world.

ReCathCo’s goal is to provide you with product choices that satisfy your performance requirements, meet your delivery demands, and accommodate your budgetary needs.

As documented by citations in numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles in highly respected scholarly journals, ReCathCo enjoys the confidence of researchers and original equipment manufacturers around the world.

Our ISO-compliant manufacturing system combined with our proven expertise in the design and manufacture of precision micro-bore tubing and fully assembled catheters makes ReCathCo products unparalleled for performance in both the research and clinical-use sectors of the catheter industry.

We aim to earn our customers’ satisfaction with our knowledge and experience in research catheter design and to leverage our state-of-the-art production facilities to meet your research objectives.