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Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling For Small Animal Research and Medical-Use Catheters

Design-a-Cath Services Include:

  • Cath-Fab Contract Services Assembly Bonding / Welding Design / Consulting
  • Single Lumen Extrusions Multi Lumen Extrusions Extrusion / Striping Packaging
  • Printing
  • Side-Hole Drilling Sterilization
  • Open End Tipping Closed-End Tipping Private Labeling

We invite Original Equipment Manufacturers to enjoy ReCathCo’s state-of-the-art, ISO compliant, medical device manufacturing facilities for production of their fully developed catheters for full or partial contract fabrication and/or assembly.

For organizations interested in brand-expansion opportunities, ReCathCo’s full product line is available for private labeling.

Naturally, ReCathCo’s manufacturing knowledge, catheter production experience and quality control protocols are provided for increased production efficiency and quality assurance.

For more detailed information, call Dave Graner at (412) 487-1482 x3 or fill out the contact form.