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ReCathCo’s Pathway to Excellence in Catheter Design

Design-a-Cath Services Include:

  • Catheter Design-Feasibility Assessments Project-Specific Materials Performance Consultation Biological, Chemical and Mechanical Materials Performance-Matching Custom Materials Formulation
  • Dimensional Tolerance Assessments
  • Advanced Quality Control Parameters
  • ISO 13485 Compliance
  • Cost/Benefit Consultation

For unique applications, ReCathCo offers design and engineering consultation for custom-use and project-specific catheter applications. Researchers with unique catheter performance demands are invited to submit their requirements via phone or email for a design-performance feasibility review.

Once we determine that a custom-designed ReCathCo product can meet your expectations, we will establish a development budget and convert your specification into a prototype drawing for your approval. Following successful prototype fabrication and performance trial, we will put your custom-designed catheter into our state-of- the-art production facility for quantity manufacturing.

To begin the Design-a-Catheter process, call Dave Graner at (412) 487-1482 x3 or fill out the contact form.