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Global Leader in Research Catheters for Rat, Mouse, and Small Animal Trials

As acknowledged in peer-reviewed journal articles around the world, ReCathCo is a recognized source for precision-gauge, precisely formulated micro-bore tubing for small animal research catheters.

ReCathCo rat, mouse and small animal research catheters have been employed in hundreds of scientific tests and academic experiments throughout the world. The following list of peer-reviewed, technical articles highlights ReCathCo’s extensive involvement in providing sub-millimeter tubing and fully assembled catheters to research laboratories throughout the global biomedical community. A search of the name ReCathCo in a scientific search engine is sure to provide many more citations.

Noteworthy Sampling of ReCathCo Scientific Research Citations:

Eddinger, et al: Anesthesiology 2016; 125;378-94
Intrathecal Catheterization and Drug Delivery in Guinea Pigs: A Small-animal Model for Morphine-evoked Granuloma Formation
Erschbamer, Pernold and Olson: The Journal of Neuroscience, 27(24), 6428-6535, June 13, 2007
Inhibiting Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Improves Structural, Locomotor, Sensory and Bladder Recovery From Experimental Spinal Cord Injury
Shih-Yen Tsai, et al: Experimental Brain Research, 2007:182:261-266
Intrathecal Treatment with Anti-Nogo-A Antibody Improves Functional Recovery in Adult Rats After Stroke
Jasmin and Ohara: Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Vol. 110 Nos. 1-2 2001
Long-term intrathecal catheterization in the rat
Pogatzki, Zahn and Brennan: European Journal of Pain, 2000, 4: 111-113
Lumbar catheterization of the subarachnoid space with a 32-gauge polyurethane catheter in the rat*
Shinichi Sakura, M.D., et al: Anesthesiology, November 1996, Vol.5, No. 5
Intrathecal Catheterization in the Rat: Improved Technique for Morphologic Analysis of Drug-induced Injury*

* Citation makes reference to ReCathCo’s corporate predecessor, Micor.